Mike T.


 I am the Lead Director for The Nature Conservancy in the Northeastern US.  As such, I lead and manage over 200 people directly or indirectly.  For me, the personal development work I did and learned during Pathwork Vermont has been fundamental to my success as a leader.  I am much more personally aware, and much more skillful interpersonally, both of which are essential leadership skills.  The cutting edge of leadership training uses the term "Vertical Development."  The Vermont Pathwork Transformation and Helpership Development Programs have contributed significantly to my Vertical Development.
Mike T. 

Neera H.


 The Pathwork program has enriched my work as a school counselor profoundly.  I have a new understanding of human personalities, defenses, and ego structure that helps me think about and work with my students so that I can be supportive of their growth and work toward their goals.  The personal work the Pathwork program offered also supported essential self-knowledge that allows me to reach my own potential professionally.  My increased self-knowledge allows me to better manage potential burnout and has offered me more joy in my work and life overall.  I am ever grateful to the teachers for all I have gained from the Pathwork program.
Neera H. 

Paul C.


The Pathwork Vermont courses have been invaluable to my continued professional development.  Through the course work, I have become aware of and also diminish some of the obstacles that keep me separate from others.  This has afforded me the ability to be fully present, compassionate, and skillful in being with my clients with whatever they may bring to a massage session.  Since completing HDP, I have continued working towards becoming a Pathwork Helper which involves among many requirements, apprenticing in classes, leadership on weekend gatherings, leading lecture discussions, and facilitating over 70 individual sessions.  In these individual sessions, I provide a space for an individual (as many as 6 different people so far) to work with and heal the struggles they are contending with in their lives.  I have found these sessions rewarding for myself and for each of the persons I have counseled.  It is a strong possibility that I will complete the requirements for full Helpership and either integrate this work into my massage practice or have it stand-alone.  I feel that through my Pathwork education and continued supervision that I am acquiring the skills to work with individuals in a therapeutic manner and making a difference in their lives. 


Sally B.


 I primarily give massage and Healing Touch sessions. Pathwork gave me a deeper experience and understanding of the mind, body, and spirit relationship in healing. I now share that confidence in the healing process with my clients. I am able to hold the space of wholeness and guide individuals to care for themselves in nourishing and loving ways. Pathwork gave me amazing tools that keep me balanced and grounded as a bodywork therapist and a mentor, as well as a happy creative person.  

Sharon V-G.


 I have graduated from PTP and HDP and continue to use the knowledge and skills I gained with my own clients.  The Pathwork offers a unique set of skills for exploration of the psychological conflicts many people encounter in their daily lives.  My skills as a Psychologist were greatly enhanced through my studies with Vermont Pathwork. 

Jean M.


 I have a B S (Honors) and a B Ed and came to the Pathwork after a long career in education. My training in the HDP program of Pathwork Vermont prepared me very well to be able to offer services as a Pathwork Helper, spiritual counselor and group facilitator.  This training contributes positively to all areas of my life, professionally and personally. 


Elizabeth G.


 I have my Masters in Clinical Mental Health and Counseling and specialize in working with trauma in adults and children and am a Nationally Certified Counselor.  Pathwork was instrumental in developing my skills and the depth I have as a therapist.  Pathwork is the program that led me into this career and I am grateful that VSAC was able to support a year of that program for me. 

Anne T.


 I have been employed as a registered nurse for 37 years.  I always felt I had to be a nurse to survive and did not enjoy my work, or feel I was helping anyone.  After graduating from PTP (4 yr program) I now do enjoy my work.  I feel I can be present, calm, and creative in helping people through my nursing work.  I have been told I am a valued resource for my employer. I am able to take on a higher quantity of work, work longer hours if needed, and I can assist co-workers in problem solving. I am clearer headed in decision-making and in asking for help if I need it from physicians and managers.                                      

Jeannie M.



Ellen D-W


Ali G.


Jill A.



Marian A.