What is Pathwork Vermont?


Pathwork Vermont is a Chapter of the International Pathwork Foundation (www.pathwork.org) which is the umbrella organization for the Worldwide Pathwork Community.  We are a non-profit educational organization committed to offering classes, retreats and workshops on the study and practice of the pathwork teachings. 

We are a community of students and teachers committed to conscious evolution within ourselves and in the world, integrity, honesty and respect in our work and with each other. Our mission is to teach, study and practice the teachings contained in the 258 Pathwork lectures, given by Eva Pierrakos, between 1957 and 1979.

Founded in 1996 by Sahra Aschenbach, Pathwork Vermont has developed a flexible curriculum comprising eight years of study, followed by ongoing courses for advanced students wanting to deepen their study of the pathwork material and/or who are being called to becoming Pathwork teachers and Helpers. 

 We retain experienced teachers to lead classes, workshops and retreats in Vermont and the Northeast. Click on Programs for a detailed description of our offerings which are frequently changing.We also offer free introductory workshops, as well as lecture discussion groups and lecture study classes, 1-day workshops and and weekend retreats. 

Our vision and our mission


Our Vision- Pathwork Vermont is an educational and spiritual organization and community committed to the study and practice of the Pathwork Teachings.  It is a vehicle for personal transformation, fostering community and contributing to the planetary evolution of consciousness.

Our Mission – The Mission of Pathwork Vermont is to study, teach and practice the teachings of the Pathwork Lectures.

Our intentions are to:

    a)   Develop, encourage and sustain a spiritual community of fellow seekers, both locally and worldwide, who wish to study and apply the Pathwork teachings to the work of personal and spiritual growth.

    b)   Implement the following principles

as fully as possible:  

- open, honest and loving communication. 

-  acceptance of self-responsibility through the development of a mature  healthy ego while also seeking alignment with the highest good of all concerned.

    c)    Encourage knowledge and understanding of Pathwork teachings, principles, and practices.  

Toward this end, Pathwork Vermont offers workshops and  classes, retreats and intensives, community meetings, meditation practices and other educational opportunities and materials as may be appropriate.

     d)    Develop and maintain an organizational structure for Pathwork Vermont which will support our vision and our mission.

     e)    Develop methods to reach out to those who may be interested in becoming part of our community and our educational programs.

     f)     Maintain open, honest and clear communication with other Pathwork organizations locally, nationally and worldwide.

How and where do I start?


The Pathwork may be studied by reading Pathwork Lectures, or by working with a Pathwork Helper, or by attending  study groups, workshops or classes with others who are also seeking personal and spiritual transformation.

Our  year-long programs are designed for mature  individuals, who have completed some therapy or spiritual work, who are in search of a path which offers opportunities for deep transformation in a community setting.

Pathwork Vermont does not discriminate based on race, color, national origin, religion, gender, sexual orientation, disabilities or age.