eight 1-day Pathwork series with Isabelle MEULNET, senior Pathwork helper

"KNOW THYSELF": Introduction to the Pathwork


Eight 1-day workshop series: November 2019-June 2020

Notice: KNOW THYSELF may be taken as a series OR as individual workshops

with Isabelle Meulnet, senior Pathwork helper and healer

This series is designed for seekers who feel ready to go deeper into their inner world and do the liberating work of confronting their shadow while maintaining a deep connection to the Unified Presence within; who long to be more present, honest and conscious;  who feel called to rise up             

   and stand with what they value most in the mist of chaos, fear and illusion of the physical world.

During the course of these eight workshops, we inquire into the question “ Who Am I?” which brings us face to face with our basic misunderstandings about self and life in a world of duality.  

    We will use the Pathwork Lectures© and the 50/50 Work© to discover the concepts and tools we need for addressing the challenges of living in duality, uncover our mask self and defense mechanism and bring the light of consciousness to the obstacles that hinder true knowing/being.

We learn ways to develop and strengthen our Conscious Adult Ego, which will help to bring the less developed aspects of our consciousness into alignment with reality and truth. We learn how to create safety and build community in sacred space, and how it is possible to find healing, resources and allies in our every life.

YOUR FACILITATOR: Isabelle Meulnet  is a  senior Pathwork Helper, teacher and  energy healer. She co-leads Pathwork Vermont and welcomes in her classes all seekers exploring paths that facilitate self-transformation, foster community, and contribute to the planetary evolution of consciousness. She lives in Calais and holds a private practice both in Montpelier and at the Vermont Center for Integrative Therapy in Burlington. 

What You Need to Know


Vermont Center for Integrative Therapy: 366 Dorset Street, suite 10, South Burlington, VT


  • Pre-paid cost for the entire series:$ 720 

(which amounts to $90 / workshop)


  • "Pay at the door" / individual cost: $ 95 / workshop

(Accepted forms of payments: checks or cash)


  • November 10 - Lecure # 132:"Function of the Ego

               in Relation to the Real Self"

  • December 8 - Lecture # 182: "The Pathwork Process of Meditation"
  • January 5 -  Lecture # 30: "Pride, Self-Will and Fear"
  • February 2 -  Lecture # 83: "The Idealized Self Image"
  • March 8 - Lecture # 89: "Emotional Growth and its Function"
  • April 5 - Lecture # 77: "Self-Confidence and its True Origin" 
  • May 3- Lecture # 101: "The Defense"
  • June 7- Lecture # 213: " The Spiritual and Practical meaning of Let go-Let God"

Notice: "KNOW THYSELF" series as a Tutorial for PTP1

  This series - when taken in its entirety- may be counted as a tutorial  for Year 1 of Pathwork Vermont Transformation Program. Please inquire for more information if you choose to take this series with this aim, as additional study will be required.


  • You may register for the entire series and pre-pay: $720

(by pre-paying for the entire series you save $5 OFF per workshop)


  • you may choose to sign up for individual workshop(s) for  $95/workshop

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