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2018 Summer Workshop

3-day Workshop with LORRAINE MARINO  

"Finding Your Call to Spiritual Activism" 


"Finding Your Call To Spiritual Activism"

With Master Teacher: Lorraine Marino


Lorraine  is a 50/50 Pathwork Helper® and independent Organizational Development consultant specializing in leadership development and anti-racism. 

She has been teaching other Pathwork helpers and leaders since 1997.

Lorraine incorporated many Pathwork concepts into a series of racial justice workshops that she authored with a colleague in the mid-90s. The Aspen Institute named this workshop series as one of the ten top-ranked anti-racism series in the U.S. 


Lorraine holds degrees in education, communications, and organizational development. Lorraine’s organizational work and Pathwork are rooted in the illuminations of the lectures through the 50/50 Work® of Moira Shaw. 

Dates: August 3-5, 2018

The workshop starts on Friday, August 3 at 3pm ( with registration at 1:30pm) and will end at 3pm on Sunday, August 5. 



“Darkness cannot drive out darkness; only light can do that.

Hate cannot drive out hate; only love can do that.”    

Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr. 

How do we apply this powerful idea to our own life as we navigate the current socio-political environment? What is our spiritual task in meeting the personal challenges as well as larger societal ones the environment presents us?

That is what we will explore in this workshop. The weekend is not about organizing, campaigning, or discussing any specific political group.  Rather, we will explore how our Pathwork teachings can help us respond from an empowered, undefended consciousness – our Godself -- versus reacting against something, colluding through avoidance, or by blaming others.

“…No collective means can ever change the world unless it is sustained by inner growth and transformation, which is the product of self‑awareness. As long as man does not face his own injustice, greed, selfishness, one‑sidedness, pride, fears, all on a deeply hidden psychological level, these same attitudes are bound to continue in the world, regardless of what social reforms are instituted…. As long as you are at war with yourself, outer war is a result.” (PL#105)

So our most powerful presence in the outer world comes only when we master our inner world. Our teachings help us explore that inner world so we can find our own, unique ways to bring our spiritual selves to how we respond to life.  That response might be a form of activism, or it might be finding a way to respond to family and friends whose reactions or attitudes trigger us. Or, we might want to explore our particular call to how we want to give to life at this time.

We will work with Pathwork lecture #244 “Be In the World Not of the World: The Evil of Inertia”, (Free download at  as well as relevant excerpts from other  Pathwork lectures.

What You Need to Know


The Reunion House at the Wilburton Inn, 257 Wilburton Dr., Manchester, Vermont

Workshop Tuition

$ 385 

(Accepted forms of payments: checks or cash)

Lodging and Meals

Meals and rooms are optional and additional.

If you choose to take them at the Reunion House, costs are as follow:

   Meals Package: $ 120  (2 b.+ 2l.+ 2d.) 

Room Package:   (for 2 nights)        

*Triple Occupancy Room: $60           

*Double Occupancy Room: $90     

*Single Occupancy Room: $160  

*1 tiny Single room: $120 

(*Bathrooms may be shared - Lodging is limited-:”First come, first served”) 


  This workshop is open to those who have read Pathwork Lectures, taken Lecture Study Series or Pathwork workshops, are familiar with group process or who demonstrate compatible interests. 

Deposit and Registration Deadline:

  •  a  $150 deposit will reserve your place in this workshop.
  • Registration  Deadline:  July 26.

Early Bird Special: save $ 50 if you send both registration  form and deposit  by June 16.