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 “ Universal Principles & Laws – 

What they are and how they affect our life”

~ a 6-week series with Isabelle Meulnet, Pathwork Vermont faculty ~ 

When we allow love and truth to flow freely through our system, we are in alignment with the Universal Principles and Laws, and we experience harmony and bliss in our life.

Experiences of inner disharmony or outer conflict are indications that we have violated these Laws, if not in deed, word, or thought, at least in unconscious emotions.

The violation of Universal Principles “can only be corrected when one learns to feel hurts one inflicts and has inflicted without being annihilated, without feeling no good, without feeling worthless, without crumbling”(Pathwork lecture # 231).  In this series, we become familiar with six Universal Principles and are invited to discover - through honest self-examination and positive intentionality - how the specific ways we violate them affect our life and soul development. 

Class 1 (1/16) : Law of Personal Responsibility.

The law of personal responsibility is the guiding principle in the search for the root of your life’s creations. Contemplating the fulfillment or the lack of it in your life gives you a blueprint of the areas where an inner corresponding attitude is responsible for either. 

Class 2 (1/23: Law of Turning to Higher Consciousness & Asking for Help

This law reminds us that help is always available. All one has to do is ask. To be able to really ask for help means surrendering the will of the ego to a  Higher, Unified Intelligence.

Class 3 (1/30 ): Law of Living in Truth

This law, also called the Law of Reality, states that in order to develop as a person and as a soul we must face our inner and outer life with honesty and acceptance.

Class 4 ( 2/6 ): Law of Brotherhood/Sisterhood 

The law of brotherhood is a law about being in relationship. This law speaks about opening up to another person and the love that is created when one does so. 

Class 5 (2/13): Law of Cause and Effect

This law states that every action, thought, and emotional, whether conscious or not has a consequence. The consequences can be both positive and negative and depend upon the intention behind the cause. 

Class 6 (2/20): Law of Attraction or Affinity

The Law of Affinity has been called the law of all laws, because it incorporates all other spiritual laws. It is with this law that one can see how interconnected Universal Truth really is. 

When: Tuesdays: 6-8pm

Where: Vermont Center for Integrative Therapy 75 San Remo Drive , S. Burlington, VT 05403  

Cost: $ 25 per class or $ 130 pre-pay for the entire series

This group requires a 6-weeks commitment and will max out at 8 participants.

NOTE: Registration is required; please call Teijbir at 802-658-9440 to sign up for this Pathwork Series.

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