OUR PROGRAMS: 1. Transformation Program

The Foundation: a four-year search into the question " Who am I?" - 7 weekends per year -

  This 4-year Transformation Program explores conceptually, experientially and energetically the basic human misunderstandings about living in a world of duality, considering the possibilities we have to live as spiritual beings on a physical earth, steadily moving away from duality toward Unitive Consciousness.

 Each year is whole and complete within itself.  The classes are designed sequentially in each year and build upon the previous class. 

Students choosing to complete at the end of Year 1, Year 2 or Year 3 will have a set of leadership skills and tools to take away for on-going use as they enter the work place or advanced education in a degree program.

Years 1 and Year 2 are the Foundation years.:

Each year of six, fifteen-hour weekend classes (90 hours class time per year), is whole and complete within itself. The classes are designed sequentially in each year and build upon the previous class. Students choosing to complete at the end of year 1 or year 2 will have a set of skills and tools to take away for on-going use as they enter the work place or advanced education in a degree program.

Year 3 and year 4 are the Leadership Development years: 

In these two years we build upon years 1 and 2, and develop the skills of leadership. Classes are designed to be sequential and build upon the previous class. Again, each year of six, fifteen-hour weekend classes (90 hours class time per year), is whole and complete within itself. In the 2nd year of the Pathwork Development Program, an Application/Support Group ( 3 hrs- 5 times per year) is added to the Course in order to provide additional teaching and support to the students .

Students who complete Years 1 – 4 of the Pathwork Transformation Program receive a Certificate of Completion from Pathwork Vermont.

Foundation years ( Year 1 & 2)

 YEAR 1 (or PTP1): Relationship to Self:Awakening to the Authentic Self" focuses on Learning How to Be a Leader in One’s Own Life. 

Skills developed in year 1:
o Building a Mature Ego
o Self- Confidence, Self- Acceptance and Self-Regulation
o Self-Reflection, Introspection and Awareness
o Objective Detachment (Emotional Maturity)
o Deep Listening

  • YEAR 2 (or PTP2): Relationship to Other: Relationship as a Path to Leadership” focuses on Developing Leadership Skills that Supports us in our Personal and Professional Lives.                    
  • Skills developed in year 2:
    o Effective and Conscious Communication
    o Mediation and the Art of Negotiation
    o Openness and Transparency
    o Healthy Boundaries
    o Non-Violent Conflict Resolution and Loving Confrontation
    o Observing Positive and Negative Intentionality


Leadership years ( Year 3 & 4)

  • YEAR 3 (or PTP3): Leadership From the Inside Out- Leadership from the inside out” focuses on Developing Impeccable Leadership: Leading Self and Others with Integrity.   
    Skills developed in year 3:
    o Self- Responsibility and Accountability
    o Empathy, Compassion and the Art of Forgiveness
    o Commitment and Right Use of Will
    o Transitioning to Positive Intentionality
    o Building Inner Authority
    o Perseverance and self-Assertion
    o Healthy Surrender

  • YEAR 4 (or PTP4): The Art of Leadership- "The Art of Leadership” focuses on Learning to Lead from Highest Consciousness                                                                       
  • Skills developed in year 4:
    Four Qualities of leadership:
    o True Giving of Love / Giving Unselfishly and Wholeheartedly
    o Ability to be Impartial and Objective
    o Willingness to Risk Exposure and Criticism
    o Transcending and Learning from Frustration
    o Community Focus
    o Planetary Responsibility

2. Helpership Development Program

Advanced Studies: a four-year exploration of Helpership Consciousness, in a 4X4 structure


The Helpership Development Program is an Advanced Study program, which covers 4 more years of Pathwork Studies. 

It focuses on deepening and mastering the leadership skills introduced during the four years of the Transformation Program and aims to develop Helpership Consciousness, the consciousness that is essential to being a  Pathwork Helper (profession similar to a psycho-spiritual counselor).

It provides the philosophical framework as well as the practical skills which prepare the students to enter a degree program in the helping professions or work in an entry level position in the field of leadership, education or mental health. 

This advanced program also provides support and continuing education for individuals who have already worked in the helping professions for a while. 

Each year is whole and complete within itself. The classes are designed sequentially in each year and build upon the previous class. Students are encouraged to commit to the full four years; however, students who are already in a professional practice may choose to complete after any one of the four years. No matter what they choose to do, students will be well prepared to enter a degree program in the Helping Professions, or work in an entry level field in leadership, education or mental health fields. 

Year 1 and Year 2

  • YEAR 1 (or HDP 1): " Connecting to Our deeper Purpose"           

The first year of the Helpership Development Program is about grounding in our call to be in service to a higher purpose and in our ability to lead in a way that supports evolution on the planet. We do this by integrating our human and spiritual experiences, by spiritualizing matter, and by bringing the magic healing powers of love to what is wounded and split off in ourselves, in others, and around us.  

Each weekend includes opening to the larger perspective in prayer and meditation, working with the lectures as a body of material conceptually and experientially, as well as, practice sessions in which we learn the art and essence of giving and receiving with each other.  We will learn how to hold space for each other through the integration of the ego, the higher self and God.  

Leadership Skills developed in year 1 

· Ego mastery

· Psychology of ego development

· Introduction to pre and perinatal psychology

· Public speaking.

  • YEAR 2 ( or HDP2) :  “Standing in Our Truth in the Universal Self Sphere”  

  The second year of HDP is about experiencing life beyond your individual defenses of the Individualized Self-Sphere of Consciousness and learning to accept the imperfections of human life from the larger perspective of the Universal Self Sphere.  This includes accepting that you have a Higher Self and a Lower Self and that the negative patterns of your life are an opportunity for growth and healing.  This also includes identifying and facing how you use your ego to trick yourself away from surrendering to God.

We will develop the skills of presence while learning to hold sacred space for the self and the other in the Universal Self-Sphere of Consciousness.  

We will also learn how to use the power of the word, the power of choice and the Higher Self to align with the energy of positive intentionality for transformation.

We will practice prayer and meditation to tune into higher guidance and end the year with Christ Consciousness and exploring our unique relationship with Jesus Christ. 


Leadership Skills developed in year 2

· Receptivity and deep listening (both verbally and non-verbally)

· Development of insight and intuition 

· Mastery of negative feelings and emotions 

· The power of detachment 

· Understanding the origins of pain and suffering 

· Working with/ assisting death and dying

Year 3 and Year 4

  • YEAR 3 (or HDP3):  " Tuning Into The Soul's Journey of Your Worker"

  The focus in Year 3 of Helpership Development is on how to use the key Pathwork concepts, principles, and tools to tune into the soul’s journey of your worker. Students will also be working with the unconscious through dreamwork.

Throughout year 3, students receive ongoing support in maintaining Helpership Consciousness developed in the first two years, as they learn to support the Healthy Ego and mirror the Higher Self in the worker.

Working with Practice Partners
 Students will work with classmate practice partners, both in and out of class, to learn the "how to's" of helping others. 

Ongoing support 

In HDP3, there is an ongoing support of the Helpership Student in maintaining Helpership Consciousness, an ability to support the Healthy Ego and the Higher Self in the worker.

Leadership Skills developed in year 3: 

· The “15 Steps” Process developed by Moira Shaw

· Transference and counter-transference

· The Psychology of defenses and Resistance

· Basic counseling skills 

· Tracking a worker's process 

· Basic child Psychology with a focus on unmet childhood needs and their repercussion on adulthood.

  • YEAR 4 (or HDP4): "Helpership Consciousness." 

  In this final year of the Helpership Development Program we will synthesize Pathwork concepts with concepts from psychology. We will look at trauma, personality disorders, depression, addictions, etc., and discover how they translate into Pathwork concepts and how we can work with them in the Pathwork. Through a weekend of working with dreams we will look into deciphering the language of the unconscious and how to surrender to the involuntary processes.

We will learn more tools for tuning into the worker's journey and how to work with the different stages of consciousness. We will study the nuts and bolts of establishing the helper-worker relationship. This includes mutual agreements, initial interviews and assessment of ego strength. We will discuss the ethics of being a helper by looking at the Phana Code of Conduct.  Helpership is not limited to working with individuals but also with groups, we will address the question "what is Pathwork process?" and how it applies to groups.

Workers sessions: The main focus in Year 4 will be on deepening practical skills. Students will start giving sessions to outside workers within the Pathwork community. Each student will conduct a session in front of the Helpership class and will be supervised throughout the year.

Senior project: As part of the final year of Helpership Development students will be asked to tune into their own unique ray of Helpership by doing a "senior project". This project is designed to apply the Pathwork teachings to an area of special interest or Eros in the student's life.


Leadership Skills developed in year 4: 

· Ability to assess ego-strength 

· Dreamwork

· Ability to recognize psychological disorders and personality disorders

· Knowing when and where to refer clients

· Trauma work

·  Ethics and code of conduct in the counseling profession

·  Successful interviewing techniques

·   Setting healthy inner and outer boundaries

3. Apprenticeship Program

Our 2-year post-graduate Advanced Program


The Apprentice Program trains Apprentice-Helpers to become Group Leaders and is a pre-requisite for Claiming Full Helpership

During these two years of study, apprentice-helpers will be taught how to work with groups and group consciousness. Learning how to work with groups affect the apprentice-helper in all areas of his or her personal and professional life. 

As group leaders in the making, apprentice-helpers will be taught how to: 

• develop or sharpen their interpersonal skills to create meaningful relationships •    manage  tension fields  •    face and challenge resistance and negativity •    strengthen their ability to be more accepting and empathic  •    improve  their level of integrity  •    handle conflicts  •    work with transference and counter-transference •    be more transparent, honest and spontaneous


 The Apprenticeship Program curriculum focuses on five specific elements: 

1.    Observation of an experienced Pathwork Leader at work, in a PTP /HDP class or in a 1-day workshop series or other weekend workshops or intensives led by a senior Pathwork Vermont Helper.

 2.    Individual and Group Supervision 

3.    Personal group experience, acquired through the offering of Lecture Study Series, Lecture Presentations and /or Discussion groups. 

4.    Individual helper sessions  

5.    Experiential Group Training with peers, acquired during a 3-day workshop offered at the end of each academic year by a senior Helper. 


In entering the Apprenticeship Program, an apprentice-helper agrees to attend or uphold the following requirements: 

a) 2 years of apprenticing in a Pathwork Vermont yearlong course or a combination of other Pathwork Vermont events.  

b) 20 personal helper sessions, per year 

c)  1 Lecture Study Series  (4-lecture series or 8-lecture series) per  each of the two years of Apprenticeship

d)  1 Free Lecture Presentation per year 

e) 1 Group Training workshop per year - not included in your tuition- that will focus on “ “How to hold groups and group process”  

f) 1 Lecture Discussion Group (optional) per year 



After two years of studying how to work with groups and developing their Helpership consciousness, apprentice-helpers hearing an inner call to become full helpers are invited to start inquiring into their inner readiness to claim full Helpership. Apprentice-Helpers may complete the following requirements at their own pace.

1. Outer Requirement

–  Completion of the Apprenticeship Program Requirements  

–  72 sessions given to a minimum of 2 workers  

– 24 supervision sessions for the worker sessions  (1 supervision session for 3 worker sessions)

2. Inner Readiness Requirement

Written completion of the "Helpership Readiness Questionnaire": 

 Apprentice-helpers are invited to meditate upon and work through each question of the Questionnaire, guided by their Higher Self and the support of their helper.


 3: Claiming Full Helpership and taking the 4th Stage of Commitment        Upon completion of both inner and outer requirements, and with the recommendation of their teacher(s), helper and supervisor, apprentice helpers may put forth their claim to become full helper and take the Fourth Stage Commitment in front of the entire Pathwork Community.    

Once their claim has been received, the new Helpers are welcomed in the community with various ceremonies and celebrations!