In 2018-2019, Pathwork Vermont will be offering two year-long programs: HDP3 and PTP1

Helpership Development - Year 3 (HDP3)

“Tuning Into the Soul's Journey of Your Worker”


with Ingrid Schirrholz  and  Alison Greene-Barton

Senior Pathwork Helpers and Teachers

 Four 4-day weekends: Thursday 9am - Sunday 1pm

• Nov 15-18, 2018

• January 17-20, 2019

• April 4-7, 2019

• June 27-30, 2019


What is Year 3 about?

The focus of the third year of the Helpership Development Program is on how to use the key Pathwork concepts, principles, and tools to tune into the soul’s journey of one's worker. Students will also be working with the unconscious through dreamwork.

Throughout year 3, students receive ongoing support in maintaining Helpership Consciousness developed in the first two years, as they learn to support the Healthy Ego and mirror the Higher Self in the worker.

Leadership / Helpership Skills developed, strengthened and mastered in HDP3: 

Diving deeper into the soul trauma and soul split - Deep listening ~ Strengthening the healthy ego ~ Mastering the concept of defenses, resistance, transference and “so-called Counter-Transference.” ~ working with part 1 of the “15 steps” ~ basic counseling skills ~ working with sexuality, negative pleasure, sexual transference, and trauma.

How to give a Session / How to work with a worker: 

Students will work with classmate practice partners, both in and out of class, to learn the "how to" of helping others.

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If you want to sign up

Prerequisites: Work with a Pathwork Helper, completion of the first and second years of a Pathwork  Helpership Development Program or equivalent training.


Cost & Consideration:

a) Tuition: $ 4,200

b) Room and Meals Package: TBA  (includes all meals - starting with Thursday lunch and ending with Sunday breakfast-  with room cost based on double occupancy)

Tuition assistance may be available. Please inquire at no later than September 15th . 

How to Apply: if you are interested in joining Year 3 of this Helpership  Development Program but are not sure if you qualify and/or want more information, please contact Alison at or Ingrid at 


If you know you qualify and are ready to register, please use the button below to ask for your registration packet.

Registration deadline – October 1st 

Enrollment Packet Request

Transformation Program - Year 1 / PTP1

Awakening To The Authentic Self

 with Isabelle Meulnet

Pathwork Teacher and Helper

Seven weekends: Saturday 10am-6pm and Sunday 9am-1pm

  • Oct. 20-21, 2018 
  • Nov. 17-18 2018  
  • Dec. 8-9, 2018                                                       
  • Jan. 12-13, 2019
  • March 9-10, 2019
  • April  13-14  , 2019               
  • June 1-2, 2019   

What is Year 1 about?

We enter Year 1 of the Transformation Program when we are ready to develop an honest relationship with of all the different parts of our inner self; when we are willing to drop our masks; when we long to be more present to our daily life's circunstances; when we feel called to rise up and stand with what we value most in the mist of chaos, fear and illusion of our physical world.

In Year 1 / PTP1 ,  we inquire into the question “ Who Am I?”, which brings us face to face with our basic misunderstandings about self and life in a world of duality.  

We learn ways to be emotionally mature   and develop and strengthen our Conscious Adult Ego, which will help to bring the less developed aspects of our consciousness into alignment with reality and truth. 

  We will use the Pathwork Lectures© and the 50/50 Work© to discover the concepts and tools we need for addressing the challenges of living in duality, uncover our mask self and defense mechanism and bring the light of consciousness to the obstacles that hinder true knowing.

 Throughout the year, we explore the possibility we have, as human beings to live as spiritual beings on earth. 

Classes are small, with a balanced blend of conceptual teaching and experiential exercises. We will work  with intentionality, movement, guided visualization, art, expressive therapies, meditation, discussion, and  plenty of time for reflection and journaling to integrate the teachings with our inner experience.

Skills developed in year 1: 

  • Grounding into the Present Moment
  • Building a Mature Ego 
  • Self- Confidence, Self- Acceptance and Self-Regulation 
  • Self-Reflection, Introspection and Awareness 
  • Objective Detachment (Emotional Maturity) 
  • Deep Listening

How to Apply


Work with a Pathwork Helper, and / or two or more Pathwork 1-day workshop, Lecture Study Series, Summer Workshop or equivalent programs and an interview with your Teacher, Isabelle.

Cost & Consideration:

a) Tuition: $ 2,250

b) Room and Meals are on your own (for those choosing to lodge at the Bishop Booth Conference Center,  rooms  at affordable price are available- please inquire)

If you are interested in joining this  year-long intensive program, please submit a letter of intent to including:   

  • description of previous  personal growth, therapeutic and spiritual work.
  • familiarity with the Pathwork
  • reasons for wanting to attend Year 1 of this Transformation Program.


Peake House, Bristol Village Co-Housing, 16, North Street, Bristol, VT 05443

Payment Plans available. 

Tuition assistance may be available. Please inquire at before September 25th 

Registration deadline – September 25th

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