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~HDP4 ~ 1-day workshops series ~

Pathwork Vermont has offerings in two  locations! Take a look below.

Helpership Development Program - year 4


Program Description for HDP4


During the last year of the Helpership Development Program we will explore the deeper meaning of commitment in the Pathwork, enlisting what the Guide names as the "Force"  to release stagnant negativity. A big part of the program consists of giving and receiving supervision for practice sessions to a worker and building a practice as a Pathwork Helper. 

We will look at the stages of the work and how to tune into where the worker is on their soul's journey. For that we will integrate concepts from clinical psychology that a Helper needs to know about. 

In addition to working with individuals we learn about the psychodynamic, energetic and spiritual aspects of working with the Pathwork in groups.

During the year students will contemplate their own unique ray of helpership, their own unique contributions to Pathwork Helpership and write about it in their senior project.This project is designed to apply the Pathwork teachings to an area of special interest or Eros in the student's life.

Leadership Skills developed in year 4: 

~ Ability to assess ego-strength ~ Dreamwork ~ Ability to recognize psychological disorders and personality disorders ~ Knowing when and where to refer clients ~ Trauma work ~ Ethics and code of conduct in the counseling profession ~ Successful interviewing techniques ~ Setting healthy inner and outer boundaries.

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1-day workshop series, with Isabelle Meulnet, senior helper

" Who Am I?" - a series of 8 workshops

We will gather once per month for nine months  ( October - June) to inquire into the question " Who am I" and discover the wisdom  and power of the Pathwork teachings.

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Introduction to the Pathwork

This series is an interactive class with a balanced blend of conceptual and experiential elements.